Used cars in Mississauga and buying cheap no deposit car insurance

By | February 15, 2018

I Heart Used Cars Mississauga

My old car finally quit on me the same week that my mom had decided she needed to upgrade her old sedan. Believe it or not, I actually learned how to drive in that thing. Anyway, she had been driving an old car for so long that she was set on getting something brand new. I was of the opinion that buying a new car wasn’t really a smart move for me and was a few days into an extensive online search for the perfect used car.

My mom didn’t understand why I could possibly want a used car. I tried to explain to her that I didn’t really want a huge car payment right now and that turned into an argument about money. She didn’t think I had any and I just didn’t want to spend it. Anyway, I told her that I thought used cars were a bargain. If you found the right one, you’d get a car you love with a lower sticker price and a decent warranty. She thought I was being cheap.

Rather than fight, I told her that I would think about what she said and consider getting a new car. Which of course I had absolutely no intention of doing. I did have plan, though. I was going to find such an awesome ride when looking at used cars in Mississauga that she would think it was actually a new car. 

Here’s why that didn’t work. Get this: we ended up buying the same car! Her’s was the brand new version, mine was 5 model years earlier. So, I obviously couldn’t hide it. Still, she was really surprised. We compared everything about our cars. Granted, because it was a few years older, it had some miles on it. Around 35,000 to be exact which I thought was kind of low for a 5 year old car. The previous owner didn’t drive very much so I kind of lucked out. I found the car here by the way:

My mom actually liked certain things about my car a little better than hers. The design had evolved and the newer model was a little more streamlined and sporty looking. Mine was still a little boxy, which I honestly loved. She preferred it, too.

So my used car may not have changed my mom’s mind but it certainly made her think a little more. She even told me that next time, she might look for a used car.

Getting no deposit car insurance

Since I managed to save some money on my used car I wanted to see if I could save some money on car insurance as well. I’ve heard of friends about very cheap car insurance no deposit being offered by some insurance agencies here in Mississauga so I decided to do some googling. After some time I found a great website: