Team in Africa


Julius Okatch, TNP Project Manager in Kenya, talks to volunteer, Denis Oduour at Kibera preschool.

JULIUS OKACH | Kenya Julius is chief driver for the Kenya Tourism Board and has been our heart and feet in Kenya since 2007.  A father of three, Julius knows Kenya like the back of his hand. As our Kenyan Project Manager, he has translated, inspired, organized and led our groups of grandmothers in urban and rural Kenya.  His heart is enormous, and our work in Kenya would not be possible without him.

Simon speaks with a TNP grandmother

SIMON MVUNABANDI | Rwanda Simon, a graduate of Generation Rwanda and Genocide orphan, has completed all of the steps needed for TNP to become and strive as an organization in Rwanda. He joined TNP in 2009 and found our original grandmothers through extensive research. For the next three years Simon guided training of our grandmothers and facilitated our registration as an official NGO in Rwanda.  He currently works for the HIV/AIDS initiatives of the Clinton Global Initiative in Kigali and continues to lend his support and wisdom to our efforts.

A candid Kassim smiles in Rwanda

KASSIM MBARUSHIMANA | Rwanda Another graduate of Generation Rwanda and holder of a law degree, Kassim is our new Project Manager in Rwanda.  A close friend of Simon’s, Kassim has now researched new initiatives for TNP in Rwanda and has found more than 60 new grandmothers to participate in our agricultural programs there.  Kassim is also facilitating a new mentoring program he conceived for high school students in Rwanda.