TNP Prepares to Train New Grandmothers

February 19th, 2013 · No Comments

By Carleigh Morgan

For the duration of 2012, one of TNP’s biggest and most successful initiatives has been the implementation of agricultural projects that train grandmothers in essential and marketable farming skills. With the help of our correspondent and leader in Rwanda, Kassim Mbarushimana, and under the direction of a skilled and experienced agronomist, over 60 grandmothers have been trained to grow peppers. In late 2012, The Nyanya Project was graciously granted $5000 to fund another agricultural initiative in Rwanda, teaching grandmothers how to cultivate and raise mushrooms. This brings the grand total of grandmothers we are able to train to over 100. Due to TNP’s mission to foster and facilitate strong community bonds in area recently devastated by hostile political and ethnic conflict, most of the grandmothers come from one region, and attend the training sessions and workshops together. In the spirit of fostering camaraderie among the many grandmothers of the Jabana Hills and building strong communities, TNP will train an additional 30 grandmothers from this region. These grandmothers will join other women from their region in this new agricultural initiative, adding skills and profits from mushroom growing to a community that already seeing the benefits of the pepper growing initiative. As representative and leader in Rwanda, Kassim will be meeting with the agronomist in late January to finalize the details for the mushroom growing initiative. We eagerly await to hear progress updates from Kassim, and wish our new grandmothers the very best as they work with us to embrace a new chapter in 2013.

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