Raise Her Name: Campaign to Honor Grandmothers Launches

September 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Chances are, each and every one of us remember our grandmothers with a whole lot of love.  The impact of how deeply a grandmother’s influence goes came home to us last summer. When TNP was in Rwanda, one of our grandmothers was thanking us for how the training we gave her brought more food and health care and education to all of her seven grandchildren.

Here’s what she said:

“Because of The Nyanya Project, today when I walk my grandchildren to school, I know that in the future my name will be raised.”

That comment burned into our minds and hearts, and so, today, we’ve decided to start a campaign where we hear from you and as many people as possible about what your grandmother means to you. We don’t want any grandmother to be forgotten.

We want to spread the word as far as possible that elderly women are still the very backbone of their families and their communities – in Africa and everywhere else.

photo credit: Virginia Weiler

photo credit: Virginia Weiler


The late, incomparable Maya Angelou, so long a cornerstone of the Wake Forest University community, wrote this about our grandmothers:

“When you learn, teach.  When you get, give.  As for me,

I shall not be moved.”

Dr. Angelou knew of the indomitable force of love in these elder women and sang its praises.  We ask that you praise your grandmothers, too.

We’ll post your responses on our social media pages and we’ll ask our followers to vote on the comments that mean the most to them. We hope to put the winners into a book that all can see.

A kickoff campaign with students on the Wake Forest campus will happen in the next few weeks.

Our campaign is called #RaiseHerName, and you’ll find us on Twitter and our Facebook page and with friends all over Wake Forest University.

Please help us to let the world know that the elderly and the women who made sure their families were safe and loved won’t be forgotten.

Share the love.  #RaiseHerName.


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