Sheep for Life: Progress Report

December 18th, 2014 · No Comments

In early December, Julius Okatch, Nyanya Project Manager for Kenya, visited with our grandmothers in Ndahti at the foot of Mt. Kenya.

The Ndahti Shep Grandmothers now have four new members and new fencing has been built. In one case, Mary, a Nyanya grandmother, had to use most of the money for her grandson, Clinton, who was hospitalized for several weeks with malaria.

Fencing has resulted in extremely green gardens which provide food for families and keep herds of sheep safe.

In the last six months, grandmothers have sold a total of 56 sheep from their herds for a variety of needs, including school fees, clothing, medical expenses, manure, blankets and utensils.

Julius reported two major accomplishments by the grandmothers in the last six months. First, they received their official government registration as a self-help group . Second, with the Global Giving funds which they used to purchase new sheep, there have now been a total of 69 newborns from their herds.

Global Giving Sheep Grandmothers

Nyanya grandmothers with their government registration certificate.


The grandmothers are ecstatic with the progress they have made and say that the fencing has helped to keep their herds safe and that they can now grow more in gardens because fencing  keeps out stray animals.

On average, each grandmother now has a herd between 12 and 20 sheep and the fencing is indispensable for keeping the sheep safe, and thereby helping them earn even more money.

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